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Albert Schram

Since 1994 for over 15 years I worked as an academic and consultant in Central, and South America and the Caribbean (11 countries), mostly on environmental economics, and sustainable development policy, corporate social responsibility, and corporate environmental management.

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  • Openwijs

All my outreach activities focus on education in the developing world.  Openwijs, founded in Maastricht in 2008, promotes the use of open source software in education in both industrialized and developing countries. Their first project was in Rama, Nicaragua. Now they are working in India and Nepal.

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  • HET Foundation

Since 2006 this foundation focuses on providing school materials to elementary school children in the Tacloban region. Today, it supports over 500 children at the San Fernando Central School. For 2010 it hopes to grow to 300 donors, and support all children at this school In 2011 it plans to expand to other schools in the region.

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  • Funds for Hope

    This foundation provides around 65 orphans with full support from elementary school to college in Mombassa Kenya.
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Albert Schram
Tibetan monks participating in a session with the XO laptop in Valkenburg (november 2009)