Helping Leaders Deal with Complex Environmental and Social Issues

Albert Schram

Since 1994 for over 16 years I worked as an academic and consultant in Central, and South America and the Caribbean (11 countries), mostly on environmental economics, sustainable development policy, corporate social responsibility, and corporate environmental management.

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Environmental, Social and Governance Issues


True to my mission of helping business

leaders to deal with complex environmental

and social issues, I am carrying out survey

based research among hotels in Central

America and the Carribbean, and among

industry in Gujarat State in India. With Dr. Juan Carlos Sosa I am exploring cultural explanations for difference in environmental performance.

For the European Commission I prepared

a report on CSR research in FP6, which

will be used as an input for developing the

research agenda up to 2020. I teach an

annual course on CSR at University of

Turabo Business School (USA).




  • Climate Policy


In time for the COP15 meeting in Copenhagen, the Economics Web Institute decided to publish a book with "Innovative Policies for Climate Change Mitigation". My contribution with Dr. Karen Hussey (Australian National University) concerns the need for great policy coordinating, and proposes some simple tools - Climate Policy Dashboards - to help in this task.



The Economics Web Institute

Summary of the Book

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  • Time Use


With a grant from Dutch Science Foundation, and Indian Council of Social Sciences, I am analyzing Indian household surveys on time-use fo the state of Gujarat. In order to understand development of time, and add depth and context to the data, 60 Indian households will keep time use diaries during February 2010.




  • Culture, Trust and Support Environmental Policies


Amartya Sen postulates that trust is essential effective enforcement of contracst and for properly functioning markets. The much quoted "culture club" (Hofstede, Fukuyama) sustain that more collectivist or "low trust" societies - in other words, the whole developing world - is unable to keep contracts and develop markets. Since this quite obviously contradicts even superficial observation, a new perspective needs to be developed. Adam Smiths writings provide a source of inspiration.



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Albert Schram
Presentation on CSR in Europe (IDB conference 2 December 2009, Punta del Este, Uruguay).